Poster session

  1. Vanessa Angenent, Computational Construction of atomistic non-planar char models (abstract)
  2. Ekaterina Anikina, Carbon nanomaterials for hydrogen storage application: DFT modelling (abstract)
  3. Bernardo Barbiellini, Understanding Iron-based catalysts with efficient Oxygen Reduction Activity from First Principle calculations (abstract)
  4. Francisco Javier Dominguez Gutierrez, MD simulation for hydrogen capture by boron-doped fullerenes at low energy collisions (abstract)
  5. Markus Hirvensalo, Developing computational tools for the core-level spectroscopy of amorphous carbon (abstract)
  6. Damjan Iveković, Exploring effects of the swift heavy ion beam charge state on the ion track production in graphene (abstract)
  7. Dimitrios Kilymis, Understanding the structure of disordered carbons through calculations of NMR spectra (abstract)
  8. Jian Liu, Plasma deposition and swift heavy ion irradiation effects of diamond-like-carbon coating multilayer graphene: A molecular dynamics simulation (abstract)
  9. James McHugh, Ab-Initio Simulation of Fission Product Diffusion in Graphene & Graphite (abstract)
  10. Johannes Nokelainen, Gate-tunable magnetism of C adatoms on graphene (abstract)
  11. Teerachote Pakornchote, Ab-initio study on stabilization and intrinsic properties of bilayer graphene forming sp3 bonding (abstract)
  12. Chao Peng, New insight into lithium intercalation and doping implications at edged graphite in Lithium-Ion Battery (abstract)
  13. Franz Martin Rohrhofer, Machine learning of DFT internal energies for carbon and boron structures
  14. Yiwei Sun, π-electrons of Multi-layer Graphene Under Compression (abstract)
  15. Harry Tunstall, Towards a General-Purpose Interatomic Potential for Silicon Carbide (abstract)